The Big Leap

I'm currently in the middle of what is probably the scariest thing I've done, professionally speaking. A couple of months ago I decided to change both employer and city at the same time. I was actually pretty happy at my job and was working with some of the best people I've encountered during my career. But I've been wanting to move to Melbourne for years and when the opportunity came along I realised if I didn't at least try it would never happen. So I took the leap and now I have to see where I land.

As part of this I've decided to start blogging again. My previous version of this blog kind of died in 2013 but recently I've been wanting to crystalise some of my thinking in a longer format than is feasible on Twitter. To start this is probably going to be thoughts based on the project I've just left.

In keeping with my general social media practice I'm not going to mention employer names because I am not (and should not be) authorised to speak on behalf of anyone who's employed me.

Colin Scott

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